If you are here on this page, you are probably just like us. We love stories. And we love it even better when the story is real and raw in its naked authenticity.

It takes many moments to make a story string. And sometimes only when we look back, do we realise the beauty of the journey travelled. And that’s how the story of Miriqa™ is exactly. Yes, we say “is”, because as we are writing this, we believe the story will continue to flow and we want you, who is reading this story right now, to be part of our story.

It was many moments of conversation, the talk about creating something that will truly work and make us look beautiful. So yes, we are unabashed vainpots, needing to check ourselves out in the mirror whenever we walk past one (oftentimes trying not to be too overt about it), to doll up and put on our make-up before we head out for any meetings (even if we are running late!). And as a person, we are consciously aware that we are a constant work-in-progress.

As the conversation of this quest of beauty continues, it deepens as well. We realized that we want, not just to create a product, but we want to create something that is meaningful, and fulfilling, not just for ourselves. But for other women out there as well. And for you reading this.

With the background that we have in the pharmaceutical industry and in consumer marketing, and of course in putting on our hats as demanding modern-day women consumer, we started researching for the best that is available. And this took us a good year. We believe there is power in creation. And we wanted to draw inspiration from nature. Our earnest pursuit led us to the birth of the Miriqa™ product that you see today. Miriqa™ is a 100% natural beauty supplement drawn from nature. As with all supplements, our products do not guarantee 100% success but rather, we selected the finest ingredients taken from nature, with priority given to quality over cost, to ensure that we launch products that we ourselves would be confident and proud to share with others.

And most importantly, at the core of Miriqa™ is a spirit of celebration – celebrating daily miracles. Because, the truth is, if we look around, lift our heads off our mobile devices and computers, miracles are all around us – big or small. We want to celebrate the everyday women who all lead unspoken extraordinary lives. And we love stories. We love authentic stories of women who are overcomers, who have miracles of their own to celebrate. And we want to celebrate these stories. We want to celebrate women, to empower women and to love women. And as we do that, inspire miracles.

We believe every woman holds a miracle(s) in her hands, be it having endured an especially difficult pregnancy, surviving a terrible illness or marriage or overcoming depression to become the slightly scarred but absolutely strong women that they are. This is the type of beauty we are talking about, the beauty, strength and resilience that radiate from within. So regardless of where you are in your journey, we want to hear your miracle. And trust us, your story will inspire another woman beyond your comprehension. We invite you, to be a miracle.

As women, we know there is significant impact women have on women. We believe that women united together can make a huge difference in this world that we live in. Hence, we are setting aside a certain percentage of the proceeds of the sale of Miriqa™ to give to causes to empower other women. Women and girls around the world are waiting to hear the message of value and freedom, aching hearts are waiting for relief and we hope that we can become an army of brilliant women empowering more and more of our own to become beautiful and empowered.

As quoted from Joyce Meyer, a woman who looks good, feels good. So here, we invite you to a box of Miriqa™ and to share your story.

Inspiring Daily Miracles #Miriqa

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