What is Miriqa™?

Miriqa™ skin supplement is a natural food supplement made from a special breed of 100% natural non-GMO white tomato, olive extract and L-Cysteine.

What are the key benefits of white tomato?

Miriqa™’s brilliant breed of non-GMO white tomato with colourless carotenoids help deliver the following benefits to the skin:

  • Sun protection
  • Youth renewal
  • Skin whitening and lightening of skin tone

What is the difference between Miriqa™’s white tomato colourless carotenoids and coloured carotenoids?

There are many carotenoids and most of the ones available to us through our daily diets are mainly coloured. The more commonly known ones are Beta Carotene which are orange coloured, with a high presence in carrots, papayas; and Lycopene which are bright red coloured, with a high presence in common tomatoes.

Consuming coloured carotenoids in large amounts would tend to colour the skin – with an orange, yellow or tan tone. On the other hand, the carotenoids used in Miriqa™’s white tomato are colourless. Hence, it does not colour the skin, but help to brighten and whiten skin tone.

What are the key benefits of olives?

Our olive extract is one of the most potent natural antioxidant available. Hydroxytyrosol is the main antioxidant found in olives. It delivers a multitude of benefits:

  • Powerful free radical capturing agent (scavenger) & super antioxidant – 10 times more than Vitamin C!
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Support the production of fair melanin
  • Help lighten dark melanin already formed

What is the main benefit of L-Cysteine?

L-Cysteine enhances the inhibitory melanin production effect of Hydroxytyrosol. It works synergistically with the non-GMO white tomato extract and olive extract to:

  • Lighten pigmentation
  • Diminish intensity of dark spots
  • Brighten skin tone

How much and how long does one have to take Miriqa™ to get the benefits?

As with all supplements, individual responses would vary. Recommended intake is just one Miriqa™ capsule a day, though there is no harm in taking more. In view that the skin is a large organ and the benefits are delivered head to toe, it would generally take around 2-3 months for most people to witness visible radiance and lightening effect on their skin. However, some individuals also experienced visible improvements in just 3 weeks.

What are the side effects?

As Miriqa™ is made of natural tomatoes, olives and L-cysteine (amino acids present in our body); there are no known side effects, unless one is allergic to any of these ingredients.

When should one take Miriqa™? Before or after food?

Having your daily dose of Miriqa™ is like eating the freshest picks of tomatoes and olives. It can be taken anytime you desire, day or night, before or after food.

We recommend that you follow a regular routine in eating it; e.g. if you take it in the morning on the first day, try to follow the same routine in the following days.

Can Miriqa™ replace the use of topical sunblock?

Miriqa™ can help to reduce the damaging effects of UV radiation. It provides sun protection but it is not sufficient to completely protect against direct sun exposure. Hence, it is necessary to continue the use of a topical sunblock.

How does Miriqa™ lighten dark spots?

Sunlight, florescent lamp and even mobile devices all emit UV light. Exposure to UV light triggers melanin in skin, damages the dermis, and causes photo aging, leading to wrinkles and sagginess. As we age, the metabolism begins to slow down and directly affect ability to protect our skin from sun damage. This results in slower skin cell repair and renewal causing more dark spots to emerge. Miriqa™ impairs the signals that trigger melanin formation, this effectively targets melanin production from deep within skin, and helps prevent spots from forming on the skin surface.

What is the most optimal time to consume Miriqa™ to prevent sunburn?

In order to best protect the skin against sun damage, Miriqa™ is best consumed 30 mins before sun exposure.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding mothers consume Miriqa™?

It is generally safe to consume Miriqa™ at any stage in your life as it is made of natural ingredients. However, it is best to seek the advice of your healthcare professional before consumption.

Is Miriqa™ suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes. Miriqa™ is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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